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Product Specification

The Product Specification describes the working specification for the design, supply, and installation of PMMA acrylic panels for swimming pools and water features.  They are in accordance with the method statement deployed by WORLDBIZZ PTE LTD and the manufacturer’s Standard. 

PMMA clear, opaque, tinted, or translucent Acrylic Panels in custom dimensions and thickness to manufacturer’s specification.  PMMA acrylic panels become ultraviolet resistant during the fusion process which can be achieved only at high temperature of 110 degrees Celsius.  All panels are cured in dry kiln facility.  PMMA acrylic panel uses only 100% of virgin Lucite PMMA raw materials and/or Mitsubishi Rayon PMMA raw materials required of PMMA specifications as opposed to poor quality non-standard PMMA acrylic panels that uses a mix of re-cycled raw components and plastics.  The high temperature allows for better strength panels as it removes all impurities.  This is opposed to traditional water processed acrylic panels that are manufactured at only 99 degrees Celsius when water reached its boiling point.  Only high temperature kiln-dry process ensures high strength PMMA structural acrylic panels.  PMMA acrylic panel thus maintains clarity throughout without turning yellow.

Physical Properties:

The physical properties are stated in the attached Working Specification of PMMA acrylic panels.

Product Warranty

The product is designed for 50 years but for commercial practice, the product warranty is for Five (05) years limited to the manufacturer’s specification and application. Terms and conditions apply.  The warranty does not cover damages made by third parties when foreign chemical agents are applied. The Product Warranty covers the following:

  1. Product uses Lucite raw components for MMA and Monomer.

  2. Warrants against panel turning yellow.

  3. Against water leakages or seepages through acrylic panels.

  4. Against workmanship with chemical welding details.


Chemical Weld Specification


For panel size length that is more than 9000mm, chemical weld is required. There is a proprietary method of chemical weld process that involves preparation on acrylic procedures and use of customized tooling aids, Chemical welds must only be performed by qualified and experienced specialist technician to satisfy the warranty period.

As an Acrylic Specialist Contractor, we work with all makes of acrylic panels from worldwide manufacturers from China, Germany and Japan.

Please contact us for more information and request for the complete product specification.

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