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What is the maximum per length of acrylic panel without joint?


We can produce up to a maximum of 9m per length by 3m height for a panel with minimum thickness of 50mm. Above 9m per length, chemical weld is necessary.


What is thermo forming?


Acrylic is flexible to form shapes and designs. Whatever the shape, the acrylic panels are thermal heated in a factory-based oven or a customized mobile oven on a custom mold. The acrylic panel thickness of 10mm to specified thickness can be formed to many shapes and designs. The maximum thickness for mobile oven thermoforming has to be done in the factory based.

What is a chemical weld?


Chemical weld joins two acrylic panels or more either in straight series joints, angle joints and or curved joints, at vertical height. Horizontal joints are not recommended as it is difficult to control the flow of the chemical on plane level. For horizontal joints, often bubbles form as the curing time cannot be determined and is dependent on the reaction. Being on a horizontal plane surface, there is no pressure against the chemical (as in a vertical height joint), thus making an unstable reaction.


Chemical joints can only be performed by trained specialist technicians who follow a strict regime under a controlled environment. The next diagram shows the International Standard concerning the Inclusion and Bubble Standard when doing chemical welds. 


Inclusion and Bubble


The count area and the permitted area per ONE square meter of the viewing size are shown below:



Those which size is smaller than count area, should be acceptable.

The maximum length of inclusion and bubble at the butt-joint part should be less than 10mm per ONE meter of the view size.



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