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Shower screens will never look the same. WORLDBIZZ innovates by creating custom designed shower screens from PMMA acrylic panels. We use our expertise in thermal forming and using C N C routing to create designs, patterns, and textures thus adding colours to light up bathrooms.

*We also combine the Printed Light technology to shower screens to create ambient lightings in the bathrooms. Printed Lights are fully water-proofed.

Shower Screens

Roof Application

WORLDBIZZ sees the biggest Plexiglas® PMMA Acrylic Panels together with Printed Lights for use in roofing application. Most secondary roofs for commercial buildings today use glass panels as sky-lights, shelters at car drop-off points entrances and as sky-lights. But the trend has started to move towards acrylic panels as replacement to glass.  Almost all landed bungalow, semi-detached and terrace housing have one thing in common -  a car porch which has a roof as shelter.

Special Mention

Our specialist team has worked with and benefited on the transfer of expertise from Mitsubishi Ryoko, Japan during the River Safari Project at the Singapore Zoo.

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