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Effective repairs Roof Leaks with a Two Years Warranty Solution

Possible Issues:

If your roof leaks, the causes could be the following:


a. The roof flashing has deteriorated and its sealant life-span has expired, causing the leaks.
b. Roofing tiles have been dislodged or broken causing the water leaks.
c. If your roof has a Valley Gutter detailing, water could be seeping through the cut roof-tiles that are dislodged from the weathering.


Find the source of the leak and make repairs avoiding changing any of the original roof items. No more sealants or silicone patching. We avoid making replacements to the original roof whether it is to replace the broken roof-tiles, flashings or valley gutter. This means SAVINGS!

There is NO Quick Fix solution to roof leaks BUT Worldbizz Engineering offers only the EFFECTIVE SOLUTION!



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