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About Worldbizz

In year 2005, Jared Chew, through managing GTS Benjamin Industries (S) Pte Ltd, became a pioneer in the creation of a new and niche market of using PMMA Acrylic Viewing panels for application to swimming pools. After a period of studies and assessment, several prominent building professionals took their decision to use PMMA Acrylic for application to swimming pools. This became the starting point and our marketing efforts gained success thereon. Since, we have successfully completed many projects over the years. Today, we brand our product as SUPERBRIGHT PMMA Acrylic Panels under Worldbizz



The business operation today has expanded to include workshop facilities for chemical weld and thermo forming, trained specialist technicians for better workmanship on site, and steel fabrication for integration with acrylic. Steel fabrication is an integral part of the acrylic business because engineering techniques are needed in the installation process. We are equipped with fabrication facility that includes customized mobile oven necessary for thermo forming on site. Hoisting, lifting and handling of acrylic panels (especially the larger panels) is no easy feat when crane facility is not available. However, we have the experience in such capacity in moving and handling larger acrylic panels inside a building using only manpower and chain blocks.



We define facts and information underlying the use of PMMA Acrylic - a truly emerging technology destined to grow in applications outside of swimming pools and water feature projects. In this respect, we aim to give awareness to building professionals and developers on frequently asked information on PMMA Acrylic and we strive to upgrade our expertise with every project completion and taking on challenging designs.

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