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The Product Specification describes the working specification for the supply and installation of SUPERBRIGHT PMMA acrylic panels for swimming pools and water features. They are in accordance to the method statement deployed by Worldbizz and the manufacturer's Code of Practice.




SUPERBRIGHT PMMA clear, opaque, tinted or transluscent Acrylic Panels in custom dimensions and thickness to manufacturer's specification. PMMA acrylic panels become ultra violet resistant during the fusion process. All panels are cured in dry kiln or under water curing facility. SUPERBRIGHT PMMA acrylic panels uses only 100% of Lucite raw materials required of PMMA specifications as opposed to poor quality non-standard PMMA acrylic panels that uses a mix of raw components and plastics. The high temperature allows for better strength panels as it removes all impurities. Only high temperature process ensures high strength PMMA structural acrylic panels. PMMA acrylic panels thus maintains clarity throughout without turning yellow.

Product Warranty

The product warranty is for five (05) years limited to the manufacturer's specification and application. Terms and conditions apply. The warranty does not cover for damages made by third parties when foreign chemical agents are applied. The factory of manufacture is quality certified by SGS in China. Project Warranty is issued only on completion of works. Warranty on workmanship is in accordance with the defects liability period of the project.


To supply and install SUPERBRIGHT clear Acrylic Viewing Panels in custom dimensions and thickness to manufacturer's specification. The thickness is based on the design calculation dimensions and endorsed by the appointed Professional Engineer. BCA Submission is an option but is not included in our quotation unless requested for. All works are carried out by specialist technicians who are trained in chemical welding, special cut techniques, sanding and polishing skills, and proprietary installation standard of the manufacturer and Worldbizz. 

As an Acrylic Specialist Contractor, we work with all makes of acrylic panels from worldwide manufacturers such as Evonik Plexiglas (Germany), Mitsubishi/Ryoko (Japan), SUPERBRIGHT (China) and other major PMMA manufacturers.

Be careful that there is an inferior grade of PMMA that uses recycled PMMA chemical syrup which is derived from melting waste acrylic products to become PMMA chemical syrup. Acrylic panels that are manufactured using recycled PMMA will result in poor structural performance and panels turning yellow within 3 to 6 months from installation.

Test Method: ASTM (3mm)

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